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building my resilience

Do you ever feel...

You need emotional resilience!

The fact that you feel stuck always has to do with negative emotions, thoughts or habits. And since every thought or habit comes with an emotion or two as well, let’s just focus on these…

In essence, there’s no such thing as a negative emotion – it’s just a trigger to make you move in a certain direction. It’s our judgement about it that makes an emotion positive or negative.

If you grew up in a home where it was considered bad to be loud, you probably don’t like it when you have to speak up or present yourself.

If on the contrary, shyness was considered a weakness, you won’t feel good when you’re in a situation where you don’t know what to say or how to behave yourself.

Both loudness and shyness have there quality though! And not allowing yourself to feel any of the two makes you feel stuck.

Join the emotional resilience mini course to start accepting every emotion that presents itself to you.

suppressing your emotions will get you stuck

Suppressed emotions hinder your progress

When you’re pushing away a painful emotion, you don’t allow its positive quality to reveal itself. You won’t follow its direction and you’ll be moving away from your path.

Ignore your emotions for too long and you’ll get completely lost, stuck or desperate. You won’t be able to respond adequately to unexpected situations or drastic events.

Emotional resilience is a character trait we desperately need during complex times like we experience now. Human life on this planet most likely won’t become easier. But we can prepare ourselves for things to come by building resilience!

Deal with your emotions and get a grip on life

Dealing with your emotions doesn’t mean you can avoid them in the future. Unpleasant events will happen and you will be hurt. But by taking the same clear steps every time you feel bad, you won’t suffer from it like you do now. 

You will face the pain or the obstacle, you will play with it and you will let go of it much faster. 

You will even discover that consciously working with these negative sensations speeds up your process and makes you move faster towards your goals. 

face your emotions to reveal their qualities


Understand and implement the six stages to emotional resilience

The crucial factor

This mini course and its six stages will help you understand how to deal with your painful feelings instead of pushing them away. Every step is explained in an instructional video and comes with practical and creative tools and exercises to make them a natural part of your life.


But the crucial factor for success if you want to relate differently to your negative emotions and really experience positive change, is doing it with others. 

A group of like minded women, who all share the same goal: becoming aware of what holds us back and bringing our life to the next level. This supportive environment will accelerate our process and help us go through the tougher states faster and easier. 

‘Resilience is not a do-it-yourself endeavor.’

Michael Ungar

Join the Emotional Resilience Mini Course
and get unstuck!

build resilience and level up your life

What will you receive when you sign up for the course?

Self Study

Explanatory video sessions for each stage, that you can watch on your own time, in your own pace, as often as you want.

Tools & Exercises

Practical and creative tools and exercises will give you new insights and will help you form new, positive habits. ​


Joining the course gives you free access to the Resilience! Community. Inspiration and support from and for women like you.

I'm Donna Lubin

Donna is founder of the Resilience community


For 30 years I was able to hold on to happy thoughts and feelings.

But at some point, I found myself feeling down and depressed and I had no idea what to do! 

I was totally STUCK.

Nobody ever taught me how to deal with negative emotions – I was used to sweeping them under the carpet.

My girlfriends invited me out, to go dancing or visit the sauna, but this made me only feel more miserable!

Until I spoke with a friend who was familiar with serious depressions. 

What he told me changed my life forever.

He said:

“You are 30 and you’ve never felt depressed before?? Wow, it’s about time – now go and enjoy feeling depressed!”

What an advice! 

I know, and he knew, that this wasn’t a real depression – for that, I would have needed a therapist and some serious treatment. 

But what I also know, is that by accepting my painful feelings healing could take place.

After my friend went home, I closed the curtains and laid down in bed, allowing myself to feel totally empty and desperate.

After two days or so, I got up feeling reborn.

After this experience, it took me another ten years to discover CENS, a method to turn negative emotions into positive directions, and many years more to develop my own version of it. 

But you don’t have to wait that long! Sign up for the Mini Course and start building resilience now!


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build resilience and emotional agility
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