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Are you stuck at home, feeling:

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Becoming aware

Some people call me a volcano. Indeed, I’m a passionate type, and I lived with that for the most part of my life without really paying attention.

Until at some point in my life, my generally positive outbursts changed to states of deep sadness and despair.

A life coach introduced me to CENS, an emotion navigation system developed by the Dutch physicist Marinus Knoope, which made me aware of every little change in my mood for the very first time.

Suppressing painful emotions

I discovered that there was a vast range of emotions that I didn’t want to feel. As soon as they were about to come to the surface, I would push them away, or I would try to replace them with other, more pleasant (or at least less painful) feelings. By neglecting these emotions for years, I developed all kinds of obstructing patterns and habits. Looking back, I’m amazed that I kept going for so long, but eventually, at the age of 42, I got stuck, and I got a burnout.

suppressing painful emotions does not work
accept negative emotions and look them in the eye.

Letting it be

Fighting against my emotions, ignoring them, was no longer an option. I had to deal with them. I am so grateful that I didn’t encounter a doctor who prescribed me some drugs to ease my pain. That instead of that, I found a coach who taught me to accept my negative emotions and to look them in the eye.

She showed me how, by examining each ‘forbidden sensation,’ I could reveal its hidden quality and use it as a guide.

Growing through the bad states

It might sound like a cliche that it’s through the most painful emotions, the most significant hardships, we grow. By embracing the uncomfortable feeling, they become signposts that show you the direction towards happiness and success. They make you move!

Did you know that the word emotion comes from the Latin word “movere,” which means to move? And did you know that in the discomfort of feeling misunderstood lies the potency of becoming a great teacher?

through the most painful emotions, the most significant hardships we grow

The crucial factor

Receiving every negative state as an invitation to grow has made my life much more vibrant and more focused. Instead of playing the role of a victim, I investigate my inner states like a real Sherlock Holmes, trying to figure out what should be my next move. 

But the crucial factor in my success in dealing with negative emotions is that I found a group. A group of like-minded women, who all share this same idea: nothing happens by coincidence, but every painful feeling, every setback, is coming to us as an invitation to bring our life to the next level.

And the only way we can deal with them is to embrace them and find the support of a group of people that embraces a higher purpose. The group will accelerate our process and help us go through severe states faster and easier. 

"Change only occurs
under the influence of the right environment"

Michael Laitman

Choose your environment and get 'unstuck'!


"The interaction with like-minded women was inspiring and will make your (time) investment worthwhile. And isn't inspiration something we all need?"
interaction with like-minded women was inspiring
Claudia Kaldenbach
"There's a fire in Donna, which ignites the people around her in a positive way. She's a woman with a great sense of humor and a sharp and active spirit."
a fire in Donna, which ignites the people around her
Kristien Sonnevijlle
Performance Artist
"What I'm taking with me is the truly beautiful person Donna is. Take the time to discover this wonderful woman. There is just so much you can learn from her."
There is just so much you can learn from Donna
Minerva Sosa Soria
Marketing Strategist

What will you receive?

guided master mind group sessions
Guided Group Sessions

The Mastermind Group consists of 5 to 10 women who agree on one common goal: to help each other finding emotional balance and taking the next step in life. The means for this are weekly interactive one and a half hour sessions in Zoom, a well-known videoconference platform. Every week, 1 to 3 women take place in the ‘hot seat’: each share their most significant challenge with the group, and the rest reflects on it to help this woman, as well as themselves, let go of her obstructions, getting ‘unstuck.’ 

mutual support and a shared goal
Connections for Life

The beauty of connecting around someone else’s challenge is that everybody gains from it. We’re never alone in our obstructions. The Mastermind Group is different than a typical support group because it doesn’t stop with giving practical bits of advice. Instead, it digs deep, to the core of the issue, where it becomes a collective discernment, and the solution transcends the individual gain. We’re letting the Master Mind reveal itself in our midst, by working in a spirit of perfect harmony, sharing the common purpose of building resilience.

join the resilience community for free
Free Membership

The Mastermind Emotional Resilience comes with a free membership for the Resilience! Community. This brand new online platform connects women who want to bring their lives to the next level. Besides Mastermind Groups, it offers self-study courses for personal effectiveness as well as challenges and live events. Above all, it provides for an inspiring and nourishing environment for personal growth and profound connection.

“Wherever a group of minds are brought into contact, in a spirit of perfect harmony, each mind in the group becomes immediately supplemented and reinforced by a noticeable energy called a Master Mind.”

Napoleon Hill

Impressions from a Master Mind session

Dina shares impressions from the Resilience Hot Seat session
Dina from New York
Sarah speaks about her experiences being a hot seat candidate
Sarah from New York
Kathy's impressions from a Resilience hot seat session
Kathy from Pittsburgh

What will you contribute?

mutual support
Your Questions, Experiences and Support

For the group to become an incubator for growth, it needs an equal amount of input from all its members. So if you’re looking for personal gain only, this program is not for you. On the other hand, if you are willing to share, inspire, and support, then you will be of great value, and we’ll love to have you!  

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Instead of the original $333 you only pay $100

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conquer the virus together
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Mutual support

The Mastermind Group is not yet a wide-spread phenomenon in The Netherlands – at least I had never heard of it. Learning about them here in the US made me realize I have been facilitating Mastermind Groups without calling them such. 

After years of individual teaching and coaching, I became increasingly aware of the limits of my knowledge and wisdom. This was, by the way, a positive quality of the painful emotion of “not being good enough.”

I realized that everything and everyone is connected and that, when we nourish this connection, we reveal profound knowledge in the space between us. A wisdom that transcends the understanding in every individual and that is called the Master Mind.

I changed from one-on-one coaching to group training and community building. Besides sharing my knowledge and inspiration, I now facilitate group dynamic processes aimed at the wisdom of the crowd and mutual responsibility.

I'm Donna Lubin

Donna is a woman on a mission

Born half Dutch, half American, adopted and raised in The Netherlands, I recently got married in Brooklyn, New York.

I started my career as a Montessori primary school teacher,

but after 7 years, I became restless spending each day between the same four walls of my classroom. I moved to Rotterdam, the colorful and exciting second city of The Netherlands, to work as a consultant for the education department of the municipality of Rotterdam.

But again, after 8 years or so, my restless nature needed change

I quit my job and started my own business SOY, Inspirational Guidance. I’ve been self employed ever since and I love it. Even though it means that I lack the security of a steady income, I wouldn’t want to have it otherwise. 

No job, no year is the same; I’ve been doing individual coaching, group trainings and team building, art and gardening programs with kids, magazine and portrait photography, Reconnective Healing, Airbnb hosting and much, much more.

In my free time

I’m a passionate photographer, flamenco dancer, gardener, cook, home decorator, web designer, illustrator and student of the wisdom of Kabbalah. As you can see, it’s a thin line between work and free time – if there is any at all!

Now, I'm planning to continue my life in New York, with my beloved husband.

This Mastermind program is one of the first I’m doing only in English and I’m excited to find out if women here struggle with the same issues as the women in Europe… I assume most of these hardships come with the “package of life” and are therefore universal. But life in the US is not the same as in Europe, so I’ll most likely find some differences and nuances.

I can’t wait to get to know you…

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