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What is a Master Mind Group?​

About one hundred years ago, Napoleon Hill introduced a set of rules that would help people, in the time of the Great Depression, to “Think and Grow Rich.”  One of his golden rules concerned the Master Mind Principle: 

“The coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of perfect harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite, higher purpose.”

His ideas and principles are still alive and kicking. And even though Master Mind Groups flourish mainly in the world of entrepreneurs, they can bring benefits to all.

I firmly believe that, if we organized our lives around our personal Master Mind Group, we would restore the disturbed balance in our world. 

“Wherever a group of minds are brought into contact, in a spirit of perfect harmony, each mind in the group becomes immediately supplemented and reinforced by a noticeable energy called a Master Mind.”

– Napoleon Hill – 

The Resilience! Master Mind

Dina shares impressions from the Resilience Hot Seat session
Impressions from a
Resilience! Master Mind session

The Resilience! Mastermind Group, consists of 5 to 10 women who agree on one common goal: to help each other taking the next step in life, and building a global community of strong, conscious women.

Each Resilience! Master Mind has a specific topic. We all have our pain points and deficiencies, don’t we? Resilience! focuses on increasing a woman’s personal effectiveness on the following areas:

The beauty of connecting around someone else’s challenge is that everybody gains from it. We’re never alone in our obstructions.

A Resilience! Master Mind is different than a typical support group because it doesn’t stop with giving practical bits of advice. Instead, it digs deep, to the core of the issue, where it becomes a collective discernment, and the solution transcends the individual gain.

We’re letting the Master Mind reveal itself in our midst, by working in a spirit of perfect harmony, sharing the common purpose of building female resilience on a global scale.

The Hot Seat

A Resilience! Master Mind Group meets regularly for an interactive one-and-a-half-hour session in Zoom, a well-known videoconference platform.

New groups have at least 12 weekly sessions. After that, the group decides how often they want to meet. 

Every week, 1 to 3 women take place in the ‘hot seat’: each share their most significant challenge with the group, and the rest reflects on it to help this woman, as well as themselves, let go of her obstructions, getting ‘unstuck.’ 

We use the Circular Dialogue Method to reach the state of ‘perfect harmony’ and reveal the power of the Master Mind between us.

The Circular Dialogue Method relies on equality, inclusion, and non-violent communication.

We listen to each other with an open mind, we speak from the heart, and we don’t debate. 

Sarah speaks about her experiences being a hot seat candidate
Impressions from a
Resilience! Hot Seat candidate

Free Membership​ of the Resilience! Community

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Each Resilience! Master Mind program comes with a free membership for the Resilience! Community.

This brand new online platform connects women who want to bring their lives to the next level. Besides Mastermind Groups, it offers self-study courses for personal effectiveness as well as challenges and live events. Above all, it provides for an inspiring and nourishing environment for personal growth and profound connection.

I am Donna Lubin, and I have a mission

After years of individual teaching and coaching, I became increasingly aware of the boundaries of my knowledge and wisdom. 

I learned how everything and everyone is connected and interdependent. On top of that, I discovered how, when we nourish this connection, we reveal profound knowledge in the space between us. A wisdom that transcends the understanding in every individual and that is often called the Master Mind.

In the meantime, I see so much suffering around me. Especially the many strong, creative, and conscious women draw my attention.

They have so much to give, and the world needs them so much because of that. And yet, they are stuck and burned out, because they feel misunderstood and not able to lead the meaningful life they desire.

And thus, I started Resilience! My aim is to, together with these women, build a global community. With the single goal to make this world a better place by increasing the influence of the feminine force. 

Donna Lubin is founder of the Resilience community

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Every month, Resilience! hosts free online Master Mind sessions on various topics. Experience the spirit of perfect harmony, and the  Circular Dialogue Method. Leave your email address and receive a personal invitation for the next free session.

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